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Pidanjinu Word Sets


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Pidanjinu Word Sets   Advanced

count one to four on fingertips
then count one to four on middle part
then count one to four on lower part
then count one to four at base of fingers

four and one
four and two
four and three
four and four
two fours and one
two fours and two
two fours and three
two fours and four
three fours and one
three fours and two
three fours and three
three fours and four, one hand, sixteen

black, red, yellow, blue, white

is imoroto unripe, immature, green, pale yellow, koreto ripe, mature, red, orange, deep yellow, and bunaroto overripe, overdone, brown, buff, tan, purple. Attempts

words are about color and aspects of growth

green, young, unripe, immature
yellow, ripe, mature
red, uncooked
black, brown, overripe, overdone

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