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Karklak (Gnome Tongue)


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Karklak (Gnome Tongue)   Advanced
I developed my first model language in 1982 when I was 13, and I called it Karklak, the Gnome Tongue.  It was the language of the gnomes of the land of Wundrian.  The impetus for inventing the language was reading an article in Dragon magazine that discussed inventing Old Dwarvish (or was it an article on Orcish?).

I didn't type Karklak up on my TRS-80 and save it on cassette tape, but handwrote the language on index cards.  I had two sets:  one for English to Karklak, and one for Karklak to English.  The language never enjoyed any greater existence than those cards, which I've saved, being an inveterate packrat.

Karklak-English: The lexicon as it existed in 1982
Karklak Notes: Some miscellaneous note cards
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