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Kali-sise (Pitakesulina)


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Kali-sise (Pitakesulina)   Advanced
Kelu supaka-sunu ke sese kane ke Kali-sise pi nalike se.
"Four vowels and six consonants Kalisise has."

Inspired by criticism of the difficulty pronouncing some IALs (International Auxiliary Languages), I have created Kali-sise, an auxlang whose overwhelming goal is ease of pronunciation, regardless of the learner's native language. The design goal of "near universality" means that Kali-sise in most cases should only have sound features common to approximately 19 out of 20 natural languages. The real-world data that Kali-sise is based on is UPSID (the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database), which profiled the inventories of 317 languages, with one language selected from each family grouping recognized.

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