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Q. What are conlangs or model languages anyway?

Q. What are the conlangs I should look at first?
A. See Top 10 Conlangs Of All Time before diving into the Conlang Index

Q. What information do you have about Elvish?
A. See the profiles of Quenya and Sindarin, as well as an article on Tolkien's languages.

Q. How can I invent my own conlang?

Q. What's a good word list to use to create a dictionary for my own language?

Q. Where can I find sample texts in different invented languages?

Q. What books, TV shows and movies feature constructed languages?

Q. What have you written about in the Model Languages newsletter?

Q. Why did you create this web site?

Q. Who offers language-creation consulting services?
A. We do, of course. See Services.

More questions?  Please contact me.
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