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AAlphabet Synthesis Machine, alt.language.artificial,, Apologia pro Imaginatione, :: The ArtLangs Community, ASCII-to-LaTeX interlinear tool, Audience, Uglossia, and CONLANG: Inventing Languages on the Internet, AUXLANG, Azgen
BBabelCode Project, Babel Site, Bah'ai Writings Mentioning A Universal Language, Blank Slate: Language, Borrowed Words in the English Language
CCarabao DIY Machine Translation Kit, Chinese-Korean Convertor, Computer Code: An Interstellar Language?, Conjugate Over 9,000 French Verbs, CONLANG, Conlang Dictionary Maker, Conlangers & Artlangers Community, Conlang Ethnologue, Conlang Evolution Experiment, A Conlang FAQ, Conlanging with McGuffey, Conlang IRC Server, Conlang Manifesto, Conlang Phrasebooks, Conlang Wiki, CONLANG X-Sampa (CXS) from Theiling Online, The Conlang Yellow Pages, Consonant Articulation: Interactive Demonstration, Constructed Human Languages, Constructed Languages at Wikipedia, Conworlder's Yellow Pages, Crypto Resource Word Lists
DDialect Survey, Dictionary Web Page Template, dMof Elvish translator, Dmoz Directory, The Dolch Word List, Double-Tongued Word Wrestler, Dublex Compound Interest Word-Joining Spreadsheet, Dublex Compounds
EEasyPortuguese - Free Portuguese course, ELFLING, EngCore, English-Estonian Dictionary, English-Finnish-English Online Dictionary, English-Hungarian Dictionary, English-Lithuanian Dictionary, Ergativity Reference Page, Essentialist Explanations, Excite Directory
FFictionary, Fire Hot Quotes Powered by Bolt, Font Creator Program, Fontmakers, Font Making Software List, Fordsmender's Linguistics Links, Foreign Accent Archive, Form and Function of Rotokas Words, Forthright's Phrontistery: Obscure Words and Vocabulary Resources, FREELANG, Free Language Textbooks from WikiMedia
GGeofiction Club, Georgian (Kartuli ena), Germaniconlang, A Glossary of Lingua Franca, Glossary of Linguistic Terms, Glyph Maker, Good Glosses, Google Web Directory, Gramàtica Catalana (Catalan Grammar), Grammar of Euskara (Basque), Grammars and Language Courses, Grammatical Cases, Greek-English Lexicon, Greenberg's Universals
HHail Mary in Various Languages, How to make a Model Language, Hungarian Language: A Short Descriptive Grammar
IIdeolengua, Indo-European Languages, Indo-European Phonetics, Indo-European Roots, Inspiration Pad Pro, International Phonetic Association, Introducing Phonology, Intro to Phonetics Notes and Resources, Invent Your Own Naming Language, IPA, IPA Homepage, IPA Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X, IPA/SAMPA, IPA Zounds
KKhoisan Linguistics, Kura, Kurdish Language Studies, KZod
LLa Conjugadora, LangMaker 2 Mailing List, Word List Overview, Language and Linguistics Pages and Links, Language Construction 101, Language Construction Kit, Language Identifier, Language Invention, Language Miniatures, Language Museum, Languages in Contact, (La)TeX/METAFONT for Conlangers, The Legend-Makers: An Essay in Defense of Mythopoeia, Livejournal Conlangs Community, Longman Defining Vocabulary, Lord's Prayer in 1000+ Languages and Dialects
MModel Languages (Conlangs), Model Languages Webring, Modern Romance-Language Grammars, Momentary 'Until' in Mongolian, Moodle Course Management, My Conlang
NNatural Semantic Metalanguage Home Page, Neographies Discussion Group, Neographies Mailing List
OOld Norse Lessons, Omniglot, On-Line Sound Changer, Online Swadesh List Resource, On-Line Word Generator, On-Line Word Maker, OnlyOneNativeSpeaker, Onomatopoeia Across Languages, OPTED: Online Plain Text English Dictionary, Our Conlangs
PPercentage Letter Frequencies, Phantastes 'What's In A Name?', Philippines' Constructed Languages, Phoneme Inventory Creator, PHPDictionary 3.0, PHPWordGen, Planetary Creation and Linguistic Database (PCALD), PreDictionary - A Lexicon of Neologisms, Proto-Semitic Roots
QQuechua Language and Linguistics
RResources for Tolkienian Linguistics: An Annotated Guide, Richard Kennaway's Constructed Languages List, Romance Conlang List, The Rosetta Project
SSamizdata Blogging Glossary, A Secret Vice, Seri Dissertation (Marlett 1981), SIL Language Software, Slaviconlang, SLIPA, Some Internet Resources Relating To Constructed Languages, Sound Change Applier, Sound Change Discussion, Sound Reference to the IPA, SpaniCity, Swadesh List, Systematic Kinship Terminologies
TTalossan Grammar, Talossan Identity, Tengwar Fonts, Test Sentences at Conlang Wiki, Text Manipulation Tools, Tolkien's Endorsement of Esperanto, Tone Rules and Representations in Yucunany Mixtepec Mixtec, Tzeltal: Manual of Spoken Tzeltal The Alternate History List, UCLA Language Profiles, UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive, UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID), Unicode, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Translation Database, Universal Language Dictionary, Universal Translator Assistant Project, UPSID MacProlog Interface, Urban Dictionary
VVerbix, Verbs as Spatial Deixis Markers in Jingulu, Vowel System Survey
WWeird Words, West African Languages, When Do People Learn Languages?, Word2Word Free Online Language Courses, Word Creator, wordgen (Software), WordGen (Software), Word Generator Scripts, WordGumbo,, World Creator
XX-SAMPA, X-Sampa-IPA keyboard
YYahoo! Groups: Artificial Languages, Yahoo! Groups for Constructed Languages
ZZarma/English/French Dictionary, ZBB Wiki, Zompist Bulletin Boards
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