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A1984; 40000 In Gehenna; Abarat; Acorna's Quest; Adam Strange Series; Aga Magera Difura; Alien Nation: Dark Horizon; Alien Nation [videorecording]; Aliens and Alien Societies; Aliens And Linguists; Alien Tongue; Always Coming Home; Atlantis
BBabel-17; The Basic Dictionary; Between Planets; Blade Runner (the Motion Picture); The Book of the New Sun
CCarson Of Venus; Cathouse; Chanur's Legacy; Chanur's Venture; Chronicles of the Cheysuli; Chronique Du Pays Des Mères; A Clockwork Orange; Color of Distance, The; The Complete Lojban Language; Confluence; Congo; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; Contact
DDangerous Games; The Dark Crystal; Darkling Wind; The Dark Tower: a Concordance Vol.1; Decoding Of The Martian Language; The Demolished Man; Describing Morphosyntax; The Dispossessed; The Door Into Sunset; Double Negative; Double Star; The Dragonbone Chair; Dragon Riders Of Pern Series; The Duke of Uranium; Dune
EEarthsong; The Embedding; Enemy Mine; Enigma; Enterprise: A Night In Sickbay; Enterprise: Aquisition; Enterprise: Civilization; Enterprise: Dawn; Enterprise: Dear Doctor; Enterprise: Future Tense; Enterprise: Marauders; Enterprise: Minefield; Enterprise: Precious Cargo; Enterprise: Sleeping Dogs; Enterprise: Stigma; Enterprise: Two Days And Two Nights; Eragon; Escape On Venus; Etxemendi
FFacts About the World's Languages; The Faded Sun Trilogy: Kesrith, Shon'jir, Kutath; The Far Arena; Federation; The Final Reflection; First Dictionary And Grammar Of Láadan; Flash Gordon: The Lion Men of Mongo; Flight Of The Dragonfly; Foreigner; The Fourth Book Of Jorkens; Les Fous Du Language; The Friar and the Cipher; The Full Catastrophe; Fuzzies And Other People; Fuzzy Bones; The Fuzzy Papers
GGalactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide; Galaxy Quest; Gallery; The Gameplayers Of Zan; Gattaca; Glory Road; Gold At Starbow's End; Golden Dream; Golden Witchbreed; The Grammar of Esperanto; Griada; Gulliver's Travels
HHands On; The Haunted Stars; Hellflower; Hellspark; Hestia; The Hobbit: or There and Back Again; Hunter Of Worlds
IIceman [videorecording]; I Never Promised You A Rose Garden; Inherit The Stars; Internationale Plansprachen (International planned languages); Internat. Lang. Rev.; In The Mother's Land
JJewel-Hinged Jaw; J.R.R. Tolkien; The Judas Rose
KThe Kif Strike Back; The Klingon Dictionary; Klingon for the Galactic Traveler; The Klingon Hamlet
LThe Language Of Love; The Languages Of Pao; Languages Of Tolkien's Middle Earth; Las Adventures Des Inspector Cabillot; The Last Starfighter; The Left Hand Of Darkness; Le Lingue Inventate; Le Lingue Inventate; Linguistics And Language In Science Fiction/Fantasy; Logan's Run; The Lord Of The Rings; Lost On Venus; Love Me Tomorrow; Lunatic Lovers of Language; Lunatic Lovers of Language
MThe Mad Moon; The Mammoth Hunters; A Martian Odyssey; The Maze Game; The Memorandum; Mode Series; Modulation In All Things; Molvania; The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress; My Enemy, My Ally (star Trek Series)
NNative Tongue; New Arcadia; Nothing But Gingerbread Left; Not So Certain [sic]
OOmnilingual; Outer Limits: Soldier; Out of the Silent Planet; Ozark Trilogy
PPale Fire; Perelandra; Phoenix Guards, The; Pirates Of Venus; Player of Games, The; The Power of Babel; Pride Of Chanur; Priest-kings Of Gor; Primary Education Of The Camiroi
QQuest For Fire (la Guerre Du Feu) [videorecording]
RThe Red Planet
SSearoad; Shall We Have A Little Talk?; Silence De La Cité, Le (silence Of The City); The Silmarillion; Skybowl; The Slave; Sniglets; Song of Red Sonja and Other Stories, The; Space Chantey; Stargate; Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand; Startide Rising; Star Trek: Conversational Klingon [sound Recording]; Star Trek: Generations; Star Trek III: The Search For Spock; Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek TNG: Darmok; Star Trek TNG: The Big Good-bye; Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country; Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; Star Wars: A New Hope; Star Wars: The Return Of The Jedi; Stories of Your Life and Others; Stranger In A Strange Land; Such Stuff As Dreams
TTalkin' Klingon; Teach Yourself Linguistics; That Hideous Strength; Time Bum; The Time Machine; The Time Patrol; Towards An Alien Linguistics; Two Planets (auf Zwei Planeten)
UUnearthly Neighbours; The Uplift War; Utazas Faremidoba
WThe Warriors of Dawn; West Of Eden; What Did Jesus Mean?; What is Lojban?; Winter In Eden; The Wizard Of Venus; A Word A Day; The Worlds In Science Fiction
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