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Basic Anglo-Saxon English


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Basic Anglo-Saxon English   Advanced
Basic Anglo-Saxon English is a simplification of Ogden's Basic English, but with a vocabulary limited only to Modern English words derived from Anglo-Saxon terms.

Think of it as English purged of the Romance: Unromantic English. The following BASE terms replace the original Basic English terms in the Babel Text:
speech replaces language
land replaces country
side replaces face (as in surface)
folk replaces people
understood replaces clear
tongues replaces languages
meaning replaces sense
now anything they try to do will not be kept from them replaces it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs [the words possible and purpose are from Latin]

Note: The word part was in Anglo-Saxon (Old English), but is in fact from Romance - it is a borrowing of Latin pars.

The Babel Text, in Basic Anglo-Saxon English

I was too lazy to actually completely define Basic Anglo-Saxon English. If someone wants to clean up after me by analyzing the thousand words of the Basic English word list, identifying the non-Anglo-Saxon terms and replacing them with Anglo-Saxon-based terms (as shown above), let me know.

Darrell Manrique suggested adding compounds like bookstaff for "letter of the alphabet" (inspired by a German compound).
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