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About Us   Advanced was founded by Jeffrey Henning to popularize interest in constructed languages.  He's developed the custom software that runs the site, and written the 220-some pages in the root directory.  The site is a faux profit, with all the ad revenues used to cover hosting charges.

The following volunteers help run the site.  Editors review submissions to the directories, while Scouts scour the Web looking for likely new submissions.  Editors need to process all pending submissions every two weeks;  Scouts either just fill in submission forms as they run across new things or they regularly search for new items by exploring existing links from Langmaker.

Kevin Athey
CJ Sproson
Babel Texts
David Solly
Robert Jung

"Scout" is really just formally naming a role that has existed for a long time; the existing Scouts are just the people who have submitted the most items in a directory.  There can be more than one Scout per directory.
TBD = To Be Determined.  If you are interested in filling one of these roles, please contact Jeffrey.
Conlang Profiles at © 1996-2005 Jeffrey Henning.

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