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Vogu, the Language of the Kadanë

Vogu is the language of the Kadanë people of the planet Zyem. In the constructed reality of Zyem, the Kadanë were the original focus of my work, and remain very important. Consequently, materials on them are especially well-developed. This is certainly true of their language. While I have sketches of the languages of the other major peoples of Zyem, I have detailed material on Vogu.

A Brief Description of Vogu

Priskribo de Vogu (Esperanto)

Further Topics in Vogu

Further Topics in Vogu, Part 2

Vogu Grammatical Tables

Vogu Orthography

Vogu Idioms

Common Vogu Expressions

A Vogu Traveller's Phrasebook

Vogu-English Lexicon

English-Vogu Lexicon

Vogu Texts

"Why Squirrels Eat Sunflowers"

The Golden Tablet

A Vogu Lullaby

I have pages and pages of Vogu language material, and I can only type so fast. I also get distracted by other projects (even by work sometimes). So, this page will be in constant development. If you like Vogu and want to keep up on it, please check back from time to time.

© 1997, Terrence Donnelly

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