Updated on 22 August 1997 by the Language Ministry
Cun paghino arhai raipreimoruos vez 22/08/97 cor lo Ministro do Latènu

Welcome to the Mowhan Language Page!

Mowhan is an Ibero-Romance language, finding its roots in Spanish and Italian as well as Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. The language has been adopted as the 'secondary' language of the Mowameddo Regime, and is currently under major re-design thanks to the establishment of a Mowhan Language Ministry.

A simple overview of the language, will be available shortly - whenever the Language Ministry finishes the complete 'romancization' of the Language. For now ... a taste of Lo Latènu Modhán.

Buénvenâ ão paghino prainupale do Latènu Modhán!

Cun paghino esta la casa rìoteinn do Latènu Modhán. Modhán esta cel latènu "Ibero-Romance", destre lo rañio Noreyte-Cailetru. Ç'arhai deinoruos destre Spaño en Eitalighá, ach col Gealeilhe en Dhelcho boréut puor savorè. Lo latènu esta lo dváçet latènu qais esta parloruos dai lo Crèmhor, lo veleiçet esta estãos Anglaiso. Modhán v'estoruo dai adeilãon puor cìerto maunes, en ç'esta nen conclait eto.

Lo Latènu Modhán esta la droná de cel guanão nuavè de coltaire Modhán. Celle dictzãonorá nuéva estás preimoruos dai la féutora veicule, en celle gramáticá nuéva, tauven. Cailuns do Ministro do Latènu estai: Arilh Raytuel (Lo Ministaire), Amanda Corodei, Luolhe Uodghard, en col auistano destre Albèrto Stolfei, quo esto cel citoghen do Reinimho de Talossa.

The Bizarre Quotes

The following is a selection of quotes which have, for one reason or another, been translated into many different languages for the purposes of comparison. Translations exist in Mowhan, French, Spanish, Portugese, French, Talossan and Campinese.

"Lo mund esta cel vampru"
The World is a Vampire
Smashing Pumkins

"En qais èi-je? ... Tå sai l'oculá"
And what am I? You are the eye
Zero: the End

"Puor j'èi lo cairnaire dos gatos do vairno, en j'èi lo cairnaire de tais coerìd"
For I am the keeper of the gates of hell, and I am the keep of your heart
Erik Rothwell

"Mosurestâ-Vos vots duino án muo, mìeu?"
Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?
Romeo and Juliet

"Cun esta cel bordo formica, verdez esta cuos coelore"
This is a formica table, green is its colour
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me